He has had the rich experience of having lived in different countries and numerous places in the US such as Montana, St. Louis, Mo., Kansas, New York and, most recently , Northeast Florida.  All of these places have helped shaping  his artistic vision.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in Kansas, Long Island, NY., Spain, Miami and most recently in several galleries in Northeast Florida.  He is an award-winning artist who has won in several competitions throughout the years.  He won third  place in watercolors and the Wichita Arts Festival, second place in the abstracts category at the Deland Arts Festival and honorable mention in the art competition at the Jewish Community Center in Jacksonville in 1980.  In the last few years he won second place at the "Awareness with Art" competition which was presented in 2014 Octoberfest, and first place at the Art Center's "Under the Sea" competition.  He has also been the featured artist twice at the Art Center's "Artist of the Month" and the featured visual artist at the Beaches Fine Arts Series.  He has also worked in murals such as the one at the new children's unit at Northeast Florida State Hospital  and 13 wall graphics that he executed with his partner at the then new international arrivals wing at JIA.